Welcome to the official website for irc:// We will be listing various nihongo information here so check back with us for updates. If you would like to chat with us in real-time or play trivia and you don't have an irc client like mirc (or don't know what the hell irc is) go here to reach us directly from this site.  If you can't get in, you probably need to register your username for the server. Use the contact form and tell us you're trying to get in, someone will respond with what you need to do. A FAQ page will be made addressing this and other IRC type issues within the next few days.


Membership to the channel and our website is 100% FREE and there is nothing special you have to do in order to get various language materials from us, other than to ask if you need help.


We hope you enjoy learning Japanese with us and we will try to answer any questions you might have. You may feel free to join our website but it is not mandatory. Those who do wish to join must be a visitor of our IRC chatroom, however. Send tashi or Ryo-ohki a pm once you are in there and one of them will approve your account. Any personal information given to us at Oshiete Kudasai is private and will not be given to outside parties without your personal consent. With all that said, yoroshiku onegaishimasu :) - The Staff


06/15/13We are looking for a native Japanese speaker who knows passable English to join the Staff and hold lessons in the chatroom or just do online lessons. Visit us in the chatroom and send Ryo-ohki a pm if you are interested. Even if you hardly know any English we will use smoke signals or something to communicate lol... we need someone who has time to do lessons. Would be good for someone wanting to get a better grip on English too so don't be shy!
01/28/11The website has finally been updated and new registrations will be accepted with approval upon request in the chatroom. Most of the content has been restored from the old site. Please report any broken links or issues you are having with the site.
07/08/08-I've decided to change the chat applet to mibbit's ajax irc client instead of pjirc.