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Giving and Receiving

13:12:19 raize: so, today's lesson is giving and receiving
13:12:44 raize: i posted the three verbs you need to know on the forums, but i'll say them again
13:12:53 raize: ageru, kureru, and morau. are you familiar with them?
13:14:16 milki: to give?
13:14:34 raize: two of them, yes
13:14:44 raize: ageru and kureru = to give
13:14:47 raize: morau = to receive
13:15:04 milki: yay
13:15:14 raize: so let's start with the one i consider easiest, morau

Feb 21 Lesson

I tried to make this lesson about particles. Hopefully that worked out. Also, we finished with the page of manga from the Feb 14 lesson at this page .

Feb 28 Lesson

This lesson will be another manga lesson, this time taking a page from Tetragrammaton Labyrinth. There are two pages: one with romaji here and the original manga page that did not have furigana here.

Feb 14 Lesson

This lesson is hopefully a little fun since I'm taking an hour of your evening on Valentine's Day. I've prepared a page of manga for translation and discussion. You can view that page here. A link to the log will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

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