Welcome to #learnjapanese


1. Be Polite
2. Don't harass other users
3. Always ask questions, we will try to answer

There are two versions of the chat page that we have. The easiest one is using mibbit's service and as we are not going to pay for the premium service you cannot download and a few other things but this will not matter to most people. The alternate version is a java applet and you would be able to download files from users and use any other irc command you are normally familiar with so if you want more features pick the alternate link instead :) When you go to the alternate chat page you may get a security warning about our certificate. This is pretty standard and our certificate is valid. There is nothing to worry about, we would not send you off to something malicious. Click ok so the applet will load.

If you think you can comply with these rules click here to chat :) or head over to the alternate page.